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For many of us, having a go-to place to store wine isn’t needed; not enough wine is purchased or held onto to make it worthwhile.

This Side Up

But for those who tend to buy much more wine than can be consumed, having a secure place to keep the bottles can be useful, even if cellar space is abundant.


“It’s peace of mind,” notes Joel Rubins, Vice President of Private Collector Services for Western Carriers.  “A wine storage facility should provide you with a comfort zone that says, ‘My wine is protected and safe.’ A one-stop logistics solution is an added benefit.”


Western Carriers, for example, manages all pickups and deliveries, minimizes handling of the wines and makes sure that it is kept at a constant temperature and humidity.


These factors are particularly important for people who buy wine that needs to age or that is being held for family members or special occasions, such as birth year wine.  Similarly, Rubins cites clients who buy cases of wine, keeping a few bottles out to have at home and storing the rest.


In looking for a storage facility, there are several factors to look for including, above all, a stable environment.  According to Rubins, unless you’re relying on a referral from a trusted and wine-savvy friend, a collector should always visit the facility he/she is going to hire to store a collection.  You want to see the back-up systems firsthand, check on cleanliness, and feel the actual temperatures.  Take nothing for granted.


In addition, ask about their inventory control.  “The most egregious mistake I’ve ever heard about another facility,” Rubins recalls, “is a client whose 37 cases of wine were shipped to a second client with the same last name.”


Make sure that there are checks and balances, such as multiple conformations between office staff and client before any wine is released from the warehouse.


Once you’ve found the perfect facility, sit back and enjoy collecting.  As Rubins notes of their facility, “There’s never a space limitation!”

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