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Clos Alivu: Rose from Corsica

Clos Alivu: Rose from Corsica

IM16664So I popped into one of our local wine stores the other day and one of the owners cheerfully asked if I’d like to try some wine.

Is the sky blue? Do dogs bark?

Of the three she had open, the Clos Alivu Patrimonio stood out not just because it’s from Corsica, but also because the flavors are so interesting.

This pink wine is made with nielluco, a red grape believed related to sangiovese. The vines grow on the terraced slopes of Corsica’s east coast. The appellation, Patrimonio, is considered the oldest and best on the island.

Though the winery was purchased in 2005, the vines themselves are 50+ years old, an age that results in wine with more depth and complexity. Eric Poli and his brother Antoine manage the estate, with Eric also serving as winemaker.

The rose is fresh and distinctive: it has a marshmallow-y quality that jumped out at me. (Think of the powder on the outside of the marshmallow; the woman I was tasting suggested Lucky Charms.)

You’ll also get fruit and floral notes: a touch of citrus, a little cherry, a hint of roses, with a touch of minerality woven through.

The wine averages $20 a bottle. Enjoy on its own or with salads, light apps, salmon, shrimp, quiche, or pasta.

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