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Drink With Owls!

Drink With Owls!

Okay, so this isn’t about wine and only useful if you live in or near Denver but, holy cow, how fun does this event sound??

Drink With Owls is pretty much as advertised: the chance to hoist a pint while learning about these birds of prey and their habits. While you won’t actually get to touch, hold or, you know, share a beer with the owls, you can definitely safely get a selfie with one!

The Brewability Lab is hosting Drinks with Owls on Saturday, February 17 from 4 to 9 p.m. along with Nature’s Educators and the Vegan Van food truck. The event is free, but donations made to Nature’s Educators go directly to the continuing care of the owls.

Brewability Lab is located at 12445 E. 39th Ave #314 in Denver.

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