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Halloween Cocktails

Halloween Cocktails


Both of these recipes require a bit of commitment –  both in terms of ingredients and infusing your liquor. But for those who go all out for Halloween and it’s spooky celebrations, these cocktails fit the bill perfectly.

My personal favorite ingredient is the hand-stabbed ice.

Everything’s fine. No issues to work out here.

Creepy Olde Fashioned Recipe

Heizenberg Fig and Black Walnut Rye, Maple, Hand Stabbed Ice, Grasshopper Bitters

Chill a rocks glass with ice.

Discard ice and put as large an ice cube(s) as possible

Add 2oz Infused Rye

Add 2 barspoons (1 tsp) Maple Syrup

Stir a dozen times

Finish with 5 drops Critter Bitters

NOTE: Infuse overnight a 750ml bottle Five & 20 NY Rye with 1/2 cup each of Crushed Black Walnuts and Sliced Figs – strain and discard solids.

Dia de la Muerte Recipe

Black Lime infused Pelotón de la Muerte Mezcal, Black Salt, Blood Orange Sour

2oz Infused Pelotón de la Muerte Artisan Mezcal

1oz Blood Orange Juice (or 1/2oz Blood Orange Puree)

.5oz Lime

.5oz Agave

Shake and strain into a Black Salt rimmed ice filled rocks glass

NOTE: Infuse 750ml bottle of Mezcal overnight with the zest of 7 limes of 3 crushed black limes. Black Salt is a black lava Salt from Hawaii – tastes like a beautiful mineral salt.

Photos courtesy of Travis W Keyes. Recipes courtesy of The Tuck Room. They’ve come up with some awesomely spooky menus and cocktails, so be sure to visit them for Halloween…if you dare!

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