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Pairing Rose Wine

Pairing Rose Wine

Rosé is a surprisingly perfect wine with food.  It’s acidity and easy flavors make it quite

An unexpected but delightful match.

An unexpected but delightful match.

versatile with a range of foods and courses, from hors d’oeuvres to desserts and much in-between.  The best matches vary with the style of wine, so here are some guidelines:


Dry Rosé


This wine loves fish, fish and more fish, with some shellfish thrown in for good measure.  Try it with the lowbrow (fish & chips), the highbrow (sea bass with ginger and scallions) and even the middlebrow (lobster salad, paella or smoked salmon.)


It also matches nicely to pasta in a lighter sauce like primavera or puttanesca, and with white meats from chicken stir-fry to pork tenderloin.


And this wine can be astonishing with traditional Italian salumi and cheese.


Sweet Rosé


Think ‘before and after’ when it comes to sweeter pink wine.  It goes great as an aperitif with blue cheeses and as a dessert wine with lighter desserts such as cookies, crème brûlée or a fruit tart.


Sparkling Rosé


This style also goes nicely with many of the pairings for dry rosé.  Try it before dinner with semi-soft cheeses and salumi, or with entrées featuring chicken, fish or shellfish.


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