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Super Bowl Wines

Super Bowl Wines

Figuring out how to match wine to Super Bowl foods is easy. (The snarky answer: have beer!) But to pick a wine that pairs with your team? That’s next level stuff, my friends!

While the cult Napa cabernet Screaming Eagle might be the obvious choice for Philly fans, it’s also a scarce and expensive wine. A bottle from Eagle Eye Wine might be the better choice: their Napa Meritage is a more reasonable $50. The Double Eagle label is another great Napa option, though their red blend is a little pricier at $85. Both are big and brawny…much like the team’s players.

Honor the city’s history as the birthplace of our country, and pick up the chardonnay from House of Independent, a winery in Washington state. This crisp, clean wine is a steal for about $13. Liberty School also offers a wide selection, though their fruity and supple cabernet is a delicious $16 choice. Or, in a nod to what is arguably the city’s most famous statue (and a classic film), pick up the Sobon Estate Rocky Top Zinfandel for around $20.

If you’re a betting person and an Eagles fan, grab a bottle of Blackwater “The Underdog” Chenin Blanc, a zippy, fresh tasting white wine from South Africa that will set you back about $17. A betting Pats fan, however, might prefer the Von Winning “Winnings” Riesling, a dry rich white wine from Germany that’s about $15. The super-confident fan should get the Sure Thing wine from Oregon’s Naked Winery, a $25 white wine made from the symphony grape.

Alternatively, show your patriotism with a bottle of Argintina’s Tikal Patriota (aka Patriot), a big, intense red that’s perfect at $20. St. Innocent Winery makes a killer pinot blanc from their Freedom Hill Vineyard (it’s also about $20) while The Federalist chardonnay is a rich, buttery choice for about $16. And, heck, Liberty School is just as apt for the Patriots as it is the Eagles, making it another worthy choice.

And for whichever team wins, having a bottle of Montes Alpha on hand might be a good idea. Their chardonnay, Malbec and cabernet are all terrific for under $20. What better way to celebrate being top dog?

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