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Tasting Single Serve Wines

Tasting Single Serve Wines

It’s been fun trying out single serve wines, though I have to confess I am more ga-ga over the packaging than the wines themselves.


From this...

From this…

To me, the wines are okay – while nicely fruity they don’t have a lot of depth or complexity.  As one friend who tasted with me put it, “There’s not a lot of there there.”


Which isn’t to say hordes of other people won’t enjoy this juice.  (And, frankly, I wouldn’t be at all adverse to a nice chilled single-serve white wine at, say, an outdoor concert on a steamy night!)


Here are some of the ones I tried:


The Vini:  The test-tube shapes of the wine are super cool, but the fact that they’re glass makes them more appropriate for home use.  Props to them, also, for using a screw cap.  The white wine was very easy and creamy, but the red a bit heavy and lush.


The Infinite Monkey Theorem: The white wine was a bit sharp with lemony flavors and a touch of fizz.  The Moscato was also fizzy and sweet – this wine is a total crowd pleaser.  It was also really fun to sip sitting on my deck on a hot afternoon.  The wines – particularly the white – had a slight metallic note from the cans.  I am sorry they didn’t send the reds to try!


Zipz: The packaging on this wine is adorable! It’s a plastic wine glass filled with wine. this!

…to this!

You “zip” the plastic tag off the side, pop off the lid, and start drinking.  The wine showed cherry-berry flavor and was nice with dinner.


Friends Wine in a Can: More aluminum! Again, this packaging is more practical than sexy, but who’s complaining? I tried their red & white sangria (both fine), but they also offer several variations on Moscato, including rose, peach strawberry and classic white.  They also have a cabernet merlot blend, but that wasn’t available for sample.


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