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The Coombsville Appellation

The Coombsville Appellation

Officially established in December 2011, Coombsville is the 16th and newest of Napa’s sub-appellations.


The region is in the southeast corner of Napa, just a short drive from the town itself.  For years, it’s been easy to overlook this little wine nook, but that’s changing rapidly.

Coombsville Winery Map

Coombsville Winery Map


Many of the vineyards are planted with cabernet and other Bordeaux varietals (no surprise there), but chardonnay, pinot noir and syrah also thrive in this environment.


Coombsville is a bowl-shaped depression nestled at the foot of the Vacas Range.  It was once blanketed in ash from Mt. George, recorded in the area’s rocky volcanic soils.  Later, alluvial flows contributed a layer of stone and rich loam.


The climate is moderated by the San Pablo Bay; it can be 10 degrees cooler here than other parts of Napa.  In addition, fog settles in early and burns off later in the day, adding to the cool factor.  These conditions offer a long growing season, giving the grapes time to reach their full potential.


Most producers are small, family-owned operations producing relatively small quantities of wine.


Overall, these wines are characterized by their soft (but noticeable) tannins as well as earth and mineral flavors.  They are approachable without losing their layered complexity and sophistication – and are wines definitely worth seeking out.

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