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Trailer Talk

Trailer Talk


They say everything old is new again, and it is certainly true in the case of vintage trailers.

Yes, I mean those proto-RVs from the 40s, 50s and 60s that our grandparents hauled behind their cars as they drove the family cross-country. Wine entrepreneurs are finding great ways to give these tin cans another life.

The Hello Penny Bar

For example, sometimes a bride wants what a bride wants, and Gabby wanted a mobile bar – the liquid equivalent of a food truck – at her wedding to Scott Mosteller. Surprisingly, this didn’t exist in southern California so Scott, who is something of a handyman, decided to make one. Because what groom wouldn’t for his intended??

A Craigslist ad brought Scott to a 1946 Mobilglide Globetrotter camper that hadn’t put rubber to road since 1966. A few friends, months of planning, and 9 weeks of non-stop effort and Hello Penny Bar was introduced to the world!

This adorable trailer includes two large serving sinks to keep beer ice-cold, galvanized buckets to do the same for your white wines or other drinks, coolers and water jugs for guests to help themselves, and yards of polished bartop. Yes, Penny comes with bartenders too!

The trailer serves all of southern California, so if you want to invite this cute gal to your party, reach out here:

If you want the full experience of staying in one of these gems, then look no further than Alta Colina Vineyard & Winery in Paso Robles. The estate created a Trailer Pond, with five vintage trailers nestled between the estate’s pond (complete with dock for watching sunsets) and vines (perfect for strolling and tasting).

The five trailers – which date from 1956 to 1962 – were completely refurbished by Tinker Tin Trailer Company – and include original details such as iceboxes, stoves and countertops. Most sleep 2 adults, and prices start at $175 with a two-night minimum. They can be rented individually, though groups can rent the entire campsite.

But keep in mind that this is vintage glamping: cooking isn’t actually allowed in the trailers. Campers can use the communal cooking area (cookware provided!) as well as take advantage of nearby restaurants, grocery stores and farmers markets. The bathroom facilities are also separate from the trailers. Make your reservation here:

For a more modern take on the experience, head north to The Vintages Trailer Resort in Oregon, which was established in 2014. Located in the heart of wine country, they have 31 trailers forming one neighborhood in the Willamette Wine Country RV Park.

Inside a Vintages Trailer

The options include a tiny, 1956 Santa Fe trailer that can sleep three adults or two adults and two kids, but doesn’t have any indoor facilities, a custom-built Neutron trailer for couples that includes a queen size bed and soaker tub, to a 1963 Airstream Overlander with two single beds, a sofa bed, and a private bathroom.

And note that, while most of these trailers have their own shower, it is suggested using the communal showers if you like a long, hot, steamy one. Other facilities available include a pool and fitness center, and all trailers have hotel-quality amenities, including gourmet coffee and robes.

Even better, each trailer has complimentary cruiser bikes – a park, winery and restaurants are just a quick ride away – and patios with lounge chairs and outdoor grills, perfect for relaxing after a day of touring and wine tasting!

Rates start at $100 per night, though they very by trailer and season. Reservations including a Saturday require a two-night minimum. See pics, read about the history of the trailers, and make your reservation here:

Happy trails!





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