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Valentine's Wines

Valentine’s Wines



Valentine’s Day is an awesome time to pull out some wines you might not normally drink.

For starters, it’s a day that abounds with chocolate, a notoriously difficult food to pair with wine. Or is it…?

A glass of brachetto is the perfect choice for something on the lighter side. This Italian dessert wine is slightly fizzy and tastes of strawberries. It’s crisp and refreshing, not heavy, and the perfect pink color.

Another classic match with chocolate is, of course, port. This is a swing in the opposite direction: a rich, luscious wine redolent with flavors of dark red and black berries to chocolate and cinnamon.

But it’s not all about dessert. Though Champagne is seen as de rigueur for pre- or post-meal, this sparkler is also a delightful match with the main course. Pairing is easy: think pasta with cream sauce, light fish dishes, sushi or even spicy Asian cuisine.

There are lots of holiday-appropriate selections that are great to enjoy with a meal or just toasting your sweetie (or yourself, or your bestie, or whoever you are celebrating with!)

For example, if you’re the sort that wears your heart on your sleeve, pick a bottle that wears its heart on the label: Calon Segur, a red wine from Bordeaux’s Saint-Estephe region. A blend of cabernet, merlot and other red grapes, this wine is soft on the palate with a combination of fruity and earthy notes that make it perfect with a robust meal.

In keeping with romantic theme, some other red wines to consider are Blankiet Prince of Hearts, a Bordeaux-style blend and Saxum Heart Stone Vineyard, a syrah-based blend with dark, savory notes of olive, chocolate and dark berries.

There are delicious options for white wine lovers, too. Burgundy’s Latour Beaune Clos St. Desire is an elegant choice. This chardonnay is crisp and clean, with notes of lemon, pear and vanilla. Or try the Hugel Pinot Blanc Cuvee Les Amours, a light, easygoing wine with flavors of apple, lemon and melons with very slightly spicy undertones.

Happy celebrating and remember: if you can’t be with the wine you love, love the wine you’re with!



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