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Wine of Summer: Vinho Verde

Wine of Summer: Vinho Verde

RamadaThere is seriously nothing more deliciously wonderful on a hot summer day than Vinho Verde.

The name translates to “young wine,” so called since it is released a scant three to six months after harvest. The result is a light, easygoing wine with a very slight fizz.
Typically crafted from the albariño and/or loueiro grapes, white varietals known for their acidity and aromatics, this is seriously one of the most refreshing things you will ever drink. It’s low in alcohol (“Oops, did we finish the bottle already?”) with flavors that can include crisp apple, stony minerality, and citrus flavors like lime and lemon.

This is a wine that drinks well without any accompaniment, though it pairs nicely with a host of dishes, including salads, seafood, Asian cuisine, and chicken.

Though Vinho Verde can come in a variety of colors and styles, the wine described above can be had for very little money: $5.00 is a good starting point; I wouldn’t spend more than $10 or $12. Brands to look for include Casal Garcia, Vera, Aveleda Branco, and Quinta das Arcas.

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