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Your Weekend Wine: Chardonnay

Your Weekend Wine: Chardonnay

Winter white isn’t just for clothes. Lately, I’ve been thinking about (and drinking!) my favorite white wine for winter: full, rich chardonnay.

Though these wines can veer close to the over-butter, over-oaked chards of yesteryear, today’s winemakers know exactly how to walk the line, coming up with big, luscious, rounded wines that envelop your palate and can be as satisfying on a chilly night as a robust red.

The one I had the other day was the Domain Eden Central Coast Chardonnay. With a creamy texture and tropical fruit flavors, it was the perfect match to my tomato and mozzarella salad. But this style of chardonnay can go with heftier meals as well: seafood risotto, pasta in cream sauce, salmon – and even filet mignon.

This style chardonnay typically comes from a warm climate, so look for bottles from Australia, Napa or Paso Robles in California, or Argentina’s Mendoza region. Labels to try include Nyers, La Crema, Luca, Alamos, Yalumba, Penny’s Hill or Paul Hobbs.

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