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Your Weekend Wine: Runaway Red

Your Weekend Wine: Runaway Red

Everything is leading up to the Super Bowl this weekend: what to eat, what to drink, what to drink with what you’re eating… In other words, it’s impossible to ignore. But this weekend’s wine recommendation is for those who don’t want a thing to do with this annual, national mania: Brooks Runaway Red Pinot Noir.

The wine gets its name from a runaway wine barrel. The story, per the folks at Brooks:

“In the middle of the night during Jimi’s first harvest, a single barrel skidded off the rack and rolled out into the darkness. The wine represents this barrel’s quick escape as it accelerated down a hill, and with a gigantic heart breaking splash fell into the creek. When it was finally tracked down, the barrel was found completely intact, between the shoulders of the creek…”

The wine itself is full of lots of great red fruit notes: cherry, pomegranate and raspberry, along with notes of basil, plum, cola and mushroom. It’s great as a sipper, but will also pair well with the classic Super Bowl foods, like chili, burgers, wings and pizza. Just in case you can’t actually escape.


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